MCFRS Project Tracking
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Welcome to the EMIHS Training/Tracking Website.

  • All Personnel: Click the Students link in the blue bar in order to continue to the Alternative Destination Scenarios, in order to finish the course and earn credit.
  • Career Officers and LFRD Training Coordinators: Click the Chiefs link in the blue bar if you need to track your personnel for who has/has not completed training.
  • Cot Drop Course Instructors: Click the Check-Off link in the blue bar to give course credit to your students.

Note: If you should have rights to the Chiefs or Check-Offs section(s) and do not, please contact Jeff Feiertag by e-mail and he will correct that.

For content questions, please contact BC Ben Kaufman in EMIHS. For website issues, please contact Jeff Feiertag.